Popular Lunch Dinner recipes 2016

This post is a round up of top nine non-vegetarian recipes from SaltPaprika in 2016.

Non Vegetarian 2016

1.Lasagna – Feed an army at your holiday party this year by making a Lasagna.

Lasagna meat cheese

2.Chicken Biryani-  Biryani is always associated with celebrations and weddings, and new year eve is the best occasion to make one. Like my mom says, secret to making a good biryani is to keep on making it.

Chicken Biryaani

3.Chicken Drumstick Gravy- This aromatic gravy is made from dry roasting coconut and onions.  The coconut flavor is not overwhelming and blends beautifully with chicken and other spices.

Chicken Drumsticks

4.Spicy Prawn Masala- Bring this coastal delicacy at your dinner table and serve it with warm basamati rice.

Prawn Masala

5.Crispy Prawn Fry – This crispy appetizer will filled with sweet and spicy flavors of tamarind and red chilies. Even though the list of ingredients may seem long for a simple appetizer dish, rest assured, when you bite into a piece of that prawn it will take you back to your happy place.

Kolambi Fry

6.Crab Cakes- They can be served as appetizers as well as with  a main course. Actually, they can be a full meal when served on a bed of rice pilaf with a little salad on the side.

Crab Cakes

7.Spicy Chicken Curry- This spicy chicken curry is an all time favorite in our house. You can never go wrong with this one!

Spicy Chicken Curry

8.Chicken and broccoli in garlic chilly sauce- This simple and healthy chicken with broccoli in garlic chilli sauce has a perfect balance of sweet and spicy flavor.

Chicken Broccoli garlic chilly Sauce

9.Chicken Fried Rice in peanut butter sauce- If you love peanut butter you will love making this dish.

Chicken Fried Rice in Peanut Butter Sauce


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  1. chefkreso says:

    Amazing dishes, thanks for the ideas even though it is 2017 😄

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