Litchi (Lychee) Lemon Cooler


Litchi is a popular summer fruit, packed with loads of flavor and nutrition. I wanted to make a sweet but slightly tangy drink for the summer and what better than a combination of litchi (Lychee) and lemons! This is an ideal refresher drink for summers or even during monsoon and is so easy to make. In this post, I have for you a quick and easy litchi (Lychee) lemon cooler recipe to beat the heat this summer.


Prep time: 15 mins
Cook Time : 5 mins
Served: Cold/Chilled


Measuring cup used 1 cup = 200 ml
12-15 litchis (lychees)
3.5 cups water
4 large/6 small lemons
Pinch of Salt
Sugar (As required)
Few mint leaves (garnish)
Lemon slice (garnish)
Ice cubes (optional)



After peeling off the litchi skin by hand, discard the seed and remove the fresh white litchi. In a blender make a smooth puree of the litchis. There will be some tiny bits of litchi and you can remove them using a sieve.

In a jar mix the litchi, lemon juice & sugar and give it a good stir. Add in a pinch of salt and give it a mix again.

Tip: You can also add some ginger juice to the same for extra flavor.

Pour the litchi lemonade in a glass,  top up with couple of ice cubes and garnish with some mint leaves. Enjoy this cooler with your friends and family!

Litchi-Lemon glass-ps-pm

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  1. cookingtrips says:

    Mmmmm love the idea ! and the drink’s color is pretty too 🙂

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