No Bake Biscuit Pudding


I saw the ‘Minions’ movie and I have to talk how adorable they are! Those precious little bundles of joy take being adorable to another level. If you are not familiar with minions, they are single celled, yellow in color, wear denims and are loaded with cuteness. I know that there are lot of mixed reviews about the plot and the story-line but the kids enjoyed them and to be honest the movie is catered towards kids duh!?

Biscuit-Pudding 035

This movie definitely brought out the child in me, triggering some childhood memories and the result as you can see is a NO BAKE BISCUIT PUDDING.

I have fond memories surrounding this dessert, especially birthday parties. When I was little, I remember my mother making this pudding; she would purposely put it on a higher platform (I was a not so tall girl growing up so the kitchen platform seemed way tall) so that it was away from my reach. Also, she had to make an extra batch just in case I sneak my way into the kitchen before the guests arrive. Basically, this recipe has everything that kids love the most, biscuits, chocolate and sugar!

Pudding with sprinkles

Moreover, this dessert is very easy to make, is loved all over the world and the best part is you can make this by using handful of ingredients from your kitchen.



It takes hardly 20 minutes to put everything together and the only thing that needs more time is for the mixture to rest in the refrigerator so that it can set properly and can be cut into individual size portions.


This dessert has a nice creamy texture, a slight crunch from the biscuits and a soft and smooth feel because of the chocolates. Reminds me of eating Cadbury chocolate bar when I was little! The layers of biscuits soaked in the coffee water definitely elevate the taste but at the same time the coffee taste does not over power the chocolate.

Biscuit-Pudding sliced

Prep Time: 5 mins
Cook Time: 20 mins
Serve: Cold


Ingredients Layed

30-35 Tea biscuits (make sure they are not flavored)
100 gms butter (At room temperature)
1 teaspoon Vanilla extract
3 tablespoons Cocoa powder
200 gms of Chocolate (of your choice I have used Milk chocolate)
1 Cup Icing sugar
2-3 tablespoon of milk
1 and half teaspoon Coffee to dip the biscuits (espresso, instant)
1 Cup Water (boiling)



Keep 1 cup of water on to a boil and mix it with the coffee powder and leave it aside to cool.

Chocolate Mix

In a mixing bowl, add butter & icing sugar and beat them together until they are light and fluffy. I have used an electric hand mixer to do that but it can be done using a wooden spoon as well. Add the cocoa powder & vanilla essence and give it a nice mix.

Choc Mix

Adding milk chocolates is completely optional, you can just use the cocoa powder if you do not like too much chocolate in your dessert but I am a true chocolate lover and I just couldn’t give them a miss! I have melted them in the microwave for about 1 and half minutes and poured them slowly in the mixture. You want the consistency of the mixture to be creamy and easily spreadable neither too thick nor too watery. Adjust the quantity of milk in the mixture accordingly.


Dip the biscuits in the coffee water and lay them on the base of the pan. It doesn’t matter even if the biscuits overlap.

With the help of a spatula or a flat bottom spoon spread the butter and chocolate mix over the biscuit layer and make sure you fill in the gaps and corners as well.

Pudding Layer

Continue layering the biscuits and the chocolate mixture on top of each other and it is a good idea to add more chocolate mix on the topmost layer.

Biscuit-Pudding Layer
Gently press it down, clean up some of that chocolate mix on the sides and keep it in the refrigerator for minimum 4-5 hours, ideally overnight for it to set.

For the decoration, you can sprinkle more cocoa powder or icing sugar on the top, or some nuts & dry fruits if you like. It is completely up to you.

Pudding out

Remove the pudding gently out of the pan and cut it into slices and serve them cold (immediately!) or with a vanilla ice-cream! You can see how beautiful the biscuit layers have been formed.

Layers pudding

I have topped it with some colorful sprinkles and chocolate syrup.

Biscuit-Pudding Ready

Enjoy this chocolate indulgence with your friends and family!

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  1. Rutvik says:

    Looks so Yummy !! You have to make more soon 🙂

  2. Shalaka says:

    Can we use chocolate syrup instead of cocoa powder?

    1. Tanvi says:

      Hi Shalaka! Yes you can, but make sure you add milk accordingly as we do not want the mix to be too watery.

  3. Manisha Khemani says:

    You have to make me some! <3

    1. Shub says:

      Can normal sugar after grinding be use, instead icing ssuga?

      1. Tanvi says:

        Hii yes, you can use that too…

  4. Arielle says:

    Oh wow it looks so delicious! <3

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