Mango Coconut Barfi


This is the new generation of “checkers” aka “smartphone addicts”.

Mango Coconut Barfi

Everyone wants to check their phone for every update. Checking for an update while someone is trying to talk to you, checking Facebook when you are at dinner in public, replying to a text while driving or posting endless selfies!

Mango Coconut Barfi

I am also guilty of doing few of them, especially clicking food pictures every chance I get. (What can I say, I am food blogger, can’t pass on a chance of a good food picture 😉  !!) . Though it is hard to set boundaries about phone etiquette, my husband and I have come up with “acceptable” sets of rules to enjoy each others’ company more.  How we came to setting those boundaries, stemmed from a small incidence in a coffee shop.

Mango Coconut Barfi

Next to us sat a couple probably in their early twenties. It looked like they had just started dating considering their creative greeting gestures.

Just few minutes into talking they were all about taking selfies and discussing on which social media account they should post and who will post first. Not to mention, they spent substantial amount of time editing, re-editing and choosing “the right” filters.

Mango Coconut Barfi

After they finally settled the dispute of who posts the pictures on which social media account and the choice of filters, they were totally occupied with checking their phones for likes and comments. So, instead of enjoying their conversations, coffees and sandwiches (which were cold by this time), they spent the whole time checking the number of likes, comments and shares their pictures received.


After that incident, we made a note that we do not want to annoy people around us or each other.

Mango Coconut Barfi

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Chill Time: 2-3 hours
Served: Room Temperature

 1 cup grated coconut
 ½ cup mango pulp
 ½ cup Sugar ( or as per taste) [Substitute: Raw Honey]
 ½ tsp green cardamom powder
 1 tbsp ghee (to grease the pan)
 1 tbsp Cashew nuts / Pistachios cut into small bits (Optional)


  1.  In a pan, add together sugar and grated coconut and cook on a slow flame for 10-15 minutes, till sugar dissolves.
  2. Add green cardamom powder, cashew nuts or pistachios (optional) and keep stirring the mixture till the moistness of the coconut is no longer visible.
  3. Add in mango puree and stir the mixture continuously on a medium – high flame for about 20-25 minutes or until the mixture is firm.
  4. Switch off the heat and let the mix cool for a minute and then transfer it to a greased plate/tray.
  5. Using a table knife or spatula shape the mix into a square dish.

Note: Though mango and coconut go really well together, this is not your typical barfi which sets hard. It will be little soft and moist compared to regular mawa barfis.

  1. Cut pieces for the barfi and cover the plate with a cling wrap and refrigerate for 2-3 hours. Top it with some cashew nuts and serve.
    This Diwali treat your guests, friends and family with this homemade mango coconut barfi!

Mango Coconut Barfi

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