Overnight Oats


It is no secret that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and raise your hand if you have skipped it because you were in a hurry to leave for work or class.

To all those who raised their hands and also to those who prefer to spend more time getting ready than in the kitchen, overnight oats have got you covered.

Overnight Oats

Basically, you let the oats soak overnight so that they absorb the dairy liquid that you put them in. The dairy product can be any milk (coconut, almond, regular) of your choice or your favorite flavored yogurt.

Overnight Oats

That is just the base and you can go crazy with the toppings. Few of my favorite toppings are raspberry- cashew nuts, blueberry-banana and apple  with sprinkle of cinnamon.

In this recipe, I have used raspberry with cashew nuts.

Overnight Oats raspberry

The best part is that there is no cooking involved! Hurray!
Just take your breakfast from the fridge, give it a good shake, add few fruit toppings or some crunchy cereal if you want and start right away. Though you can heat them in the microwave just a little bit to take the chill out so that they come to room temperature. 😉

You can also keep two to three jars ready to go in your fridge for the week ahead of time as these last for three days.

Overnight Oats Breakfast

The ratio of liquid to oats is fairly 1:1 but if you plan on using chia seeds, they will soak up some liquid and it will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: None
Refrigerate: Overnight or atleast 4 hours
Serves: 1


1/2 cup rolled oats or quick oats
1/8 tsp salt
1 tbsp chia seeds (optional)
1/4 cup yogurt (flavored or non flavored) (optional)
1/4 cup fruit of choice, plus more for the top if desired
1/2 cup milk of choice
Any sweetener (sugar /cinnamon) of your choice


  • In a glass jar with a lid, put together oats, salt and chia seeds (optional) together.
  • Add the yogurt (optional) and milk.
  • Finally add fruit toppings of your choice and stir everything together, put the lid on and shake the jar, then refrigerate overnight.
  • The next morning, stir and enjoy! Depending on yogurt and milk of choice, you can add sugar or cinnamon or any favorite sweetener of your choice.Overnight Oats raspberry

This recipe is not just limited to breakfast, they make a good post workout meal too.

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  1. Kristy Rhine says:

    I keep wanting to try this! Yours look delicious.

    1. Tanvi says:

      Thank you Kristy. I love this easy on the go breakfast option, especially during rushed mornings!

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